Kuoda Travel is synonymous with white glove service, handpicked luxury travel experiences, and insider connections to the people and places that make your travel experience in Peru meaningful and one-of-a-kind. Our experience in luxury travel and our intimate knowledge of Peru make us experts in bespoke travel and private charter services.

From the steamy depths of the Amazon to the picturesque heights of the Andes, there’s a million and one ways to travel Peru by private charter, be it train, plane, boat, or helicopter. Whether you’re planning a luxurious honeymoon or an exclusive luxury vacation in Peru, we can help you iron out all of the details and arrangements, including private luxury charters. All of our itineraries are customized to suit your needs as a VIP traveler. If you should have any questions about planning a private Peru vacation and what’s possible, please reach out to one of our Kuoda Travel Designers.



See and experience more on your private Peru vacation by chartering a jet. Not only will you avoid the layovers and get to travel on your schedule, you’ll have access to destinations hard-to-reach by commercial flight. One of the more popular Peru destinations to charter a private jet is while visiting the enigmatic Nazca Lines. In the added comfort and privacy of your own plane, take in the ancient geoglyphs from the stunning bird’s eye view perspective. Flights from Lima can be arranged to airports in Pisco and Nazca.

* If helicopter is more your style, we can also arrange private helicopter charters over Lima for a unique view of the capital city’s stunning coastline and cliffs.



For an ultra private and customized cruise experience, we can arrange a private charter cruise aboard Aqua Expeditions or Delfin Amazon Cruise’s luxury river cruise ships in the Amazon. Their custom-designed cruise ships set sail from Iquitos, Peru and venture deep into the Pacaya Samiria Reserve along the renowned Amazon River. Between gourmet meals and enjoying your first-class cabin suite, experience the wildlife, jungle sunsets, and rainforest like few travelers do.



With 1,500 miles of coastline and the world’s largest and highest navigable lake, there are endless opportunities to set sail while in Peru. From the Ballestas Islands off Paracas to the Palomino Islands off Lima, glimpse penguins, dolphins, sea lions, and innumerable seabirds from your private luxury yacht, where the adventure is complemented by chef-prepared meals, champagne toasts, and the exclusivity that comes with private charter.



En route to Machu Picchu with the lush cloud forest and vegetation through the window, relax in a private rail car. With gourmet food and champagne at your fingertips, you’ll arrive to the sanctuary in high style aboard the Inca Princess, the only private train carriage on the South Western Railway and the only chartered service to Machu Picchu. Enjoy the 100-minute journey to Machu Picchu in complete privacy and ultimate luxury.