At Peru Luxe, we have been in the business of creating magical experiences for travelers for over 10 years. But for us, it’s never been just a business. Travel in its truest sense - not just going to incredible places, but really connecting with them, in an authentic way - is both a joy and a personal passion, for every member of our team. Let us share that passion with you. We’ll take you on an unforgettable journey. We’ll immerse you in unique experiences, and we’ll introduce you to amazing people. The magic begins here!


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Why Peru for Adventure?

Peru is the pioneer of the South American adventure market. The varied landscape of the Andes Mountains, high-altitude lakes and the Amazon rainforest combine with a rich history to host a collection of cultured journeys for adventurous travellers. Trek, surf and feast on Peruvian delights as you explore both the well-known sites and the many hidden gems of this impressive Incan land.

A Passion for the Adventure...


A Passion for 

Responsible Tourism

  • Better wages

  • Real healthcare

  • Proper equipment....for free

  • Animal protection

  • Community Service

  • Support education endeavors

  • No footprint left behind

  • Local ingredients 

We work hard to serve our community and our land and hope all our clients appreciate our home and our people. 


Peru Luxe

Dedicated to our Clients, Team and the Planet

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Peru Luxe by Pacha Peru Explorers has been honored to hold the Certicate of Excellence spot on TripAdvisor since 2014. We have worked hard making sure that every client's expectations are surpassed and hope to continue this in the years to come.

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Top Quality of Service

Peru Luxe  prides ourselves on having the best guides: both smart and fun and all University grads in Tourism. Our porters work endlessly to take care of your every need. Our office staff answers all questions with detail and clarity. 



Peru Luxe is dedicated to No Footprint Left Behind...by our groups and others. We create campaigns to clean trails from all trekkers and make sure we leave the trail looking better than when we arrived. We work with local villages in tree planting traditions, planting more than 5000 trees to date. We work with local farmers and vendors to make sure we have the best food to provide on all our tours. 



Peru Luxe was created with a goal of giving back, which is a true sense of pride for us. We have donated computers, books, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sports equipment. Twice a year we invite our porters and their families to Machu Picchu for their first visit ever. There is always more to do and we promise to continue this work. 

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